To a Dear Friend

For anyone who is yet to listen: Episode 1 of All of Me, my new podcast, looks back to when writing really started to shape my personal growth and moral coding. Episode 1 features ‘To a Dear Friend’, the first poem I ever made public. An explanation of this poem will be featured in a future episode, but for now I want to know how you interpreted it. Read it in your own words below before hitting me up with how it related to you.

To a Dear Friend – held captive by the hand of addiction.

It used to be that we would talk about things, the way best friends normally do.
Why now do you only find solace in your chemical comforts?

In your drugged illusions - 
You are encircled by a wreath of roses, 
Each and every petal,
As if scarred by the fire of death.
But each and every temptation -
remains so very much alive

Earth, Fire, Water, Air,
All rise to your command.
You are their ruler, their King,
They will follow you to the Eve of Destruction.

Death calls to you,
Life is Death, Death is Life. 
In my dreams I call to you
But you do not answer
You are no longer whom you used to be

You are the devil astride a beast whose beauty exceeds all else, 
But whose eyes burn, with feelings that pierce through the heart.

Love has left:
Life has let death take control.

I follow you down a road of sorrow - through a desert of lies and deception.
Each step we take sending flames of exceeding brightness hurtling toward the sun.

The sun is fading,
Burning Out, Until we are enveloped in complete darkness.

Ahead I spy a flicker of light, 
A Flame
As we veer round it I wonder:
Where are you taking me?
Where am I following you to?

I am like a grain of dust on your coat: A hanger on to the lush velvet you now carry so proudly.
Where is the woollen comforts of neutral that we used to share.

I want you back!
You are no longer the friend I learn’t to love.

The beast you were astride to gallantly now fades and you fall into a heap on the bone ridden ground. 
Your limp body resting  awkwardly on those that went before you

I try to lift you,
I want to carry you home, To take you from this state of illusions.

You do not want to come.

What is it about drugs that can drag friends, so close, apart in this way